Empower Yourself!

Tai Chi is a non-competitive practice, and there is no end point.

Enjoy the journey and where it may take you.
Empower yourself by practicing tai chi.
Empower others by teaching tai chi.

Living With the Principles

A Tai Chi Retreat Coming January 2020

Space is limited to 60 participants ~ Click here to register

Tai Chi is gaining acceptance and popularity in the western world. It can be thought of as medication in motion due to the myriad health benefits associated with its regular practice.

Tai chi instructor training workshops are offered for many of the Tai Chi for Health forms, as well as some other forms.  For those interested in instructor certification, practice with the DVD prior to the workshop is expected. These workshops also afford an opportunity for those just wanting to try tai chi.

All tai chi styles share similar essential principles.  These principles are the “secret” that make tai chi different than other forms of exercise, and are the source of its great power.  It is important that teachers practice and teach these principles along with the form. Without incorporating the principles, tai chi is just another exercise. To reap all of the benefits that tai chi has to offer, the principles are a must!

Tai chi can complement, but not replace, Western medicine

It can help you build and move qi in your body. This is best accomplished with regular practice and employing the tai chi principles to your practice.


Teaching opportunities are widely available in the community.  There is a great need for tai chi to be shared in gated communities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and wellness centers.  Hospitals, parks, and churches offer other teaching opportunities. 

The Tai Chi for Health Institute places great emphasis on safety and using the Stepwise Progressive Teaching Method.  After taking an instructor training course, you can continue improving your tai chi by sharing it with others.  Regular practice of tai chi, especially when the tai chi principles are taught and practiced, can help reduce the burden of chronic disease.

Testimonials ~

  • Betty was an excellent instructor.  I enjoyed the last 2 days and look forward to attending more of her workshops.

  • Exceptional class, exceptional teacher!

  • Betty is very knowledgeable and made tai chi fun and effective for me, especially since I’m new to tai chi.

  • I feel well prepared for all aspects of teaching - and I will need to practice!  This is a great baseline for any new Tai Chi participant.

  • Very approachable, very patient, very encouraging.

  • Very professional, upbeat, very fun learning environment!

  • I always enjoy Betty’s workshops!  I like all the additional “thoughts” and “ideas” to think about when doing the movement and/or form.

  •  I am look forward to another workshop with Betty.

  •  Betty makes the workshop fun with her charm & personality.  She is very knowledgable in Tai Chi, and it comes through in her teaching.

  •  Betty has extensive knowledge of her materials.  Also a very excellent instructor.

  •  Betty knowledge of Tai Chi is incredible.  So much really good stuff.  Hope I can remember one half.